Threads in Miami

How DO Threads Work?

Time and gravity take their toll on all of us. Frequently, this toll is easiest to see in the face. As loose skin begins to sag, it’s not unusual for some people to consider getting a facelift.

However, many people are worried about “going under the knife.” The idea of surgery is off-putting, and they are concerned about the risks of general anesthesia and the extensive recovery time that may be involved.

Fortunately, patients may opt for a non-surgical facelift with PDO Threads. This alternative to the surgical face lift is a new and innovative treatment.

Is sagging or loose skin making you look older than you feel? If so, then it may be time to get a more youthful, tighter visage with PDO Threads.

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What Are PDO Nova Threads?

In this procedure that has been cleared by the FDA, absorbable sutures are placed under the skin. The threads physically lift interstitial tissue while also promoting collagen production. A non-surgical facelift with PDO threads is most frequently used to tighten the skin of the neck, jawline, lower face and midface. It further is possible to place the threads above the eyes for a subtle lift of the brow or at the corners of the lips to turn up the lip line.

Each thread is made from polydioxanone, or PDO. This is a synthetic biodegradable material that also is used to make absorbable surgical sutures. The Nova Threads themselves are hypodermic needles that are loaded with the PDO sutures. A doctor inserts the needles into the patient’s skin at an angle that is parallel to the surface. The thread is left behind when the hypodermic needle is removed.

Over time, the PDO sutures dissolve, making is possible for them to be replaced with healthy new collagen. The skin immediately begins to lift, and the elasticity and firmness of the skin increase with time.

What Are the Benefits of a Nova Threads Facelift?

A facelift provided via PDO threads involves a procedure that is quick and simple. Inserting each thread requires no more than a minute, with each injection being performed by a doctor or a registered nurse.

You’ll see immediate results with a PDO threads facelift, but the benefits go on and on as you continue to see improvements in the firmness and elasticity of your skin for up to one year. This is a result of newly stimulated collagen production.

Because Nova Threads are dissolvable, patients are put as less risk than if permanent sutures were used. This means that patients are less likely to develop an infection caused by bacteria, and scar tissue is virtually non-existent with this procedure.

If you are not comfortable with having laser treatments or traditional surgery, then Nova Threads are an accessible and approachable option. With virtually no downtime involved, you’ll be back to your life in just a few hours with a more youthful and vibrant face to present to the world.

Who Is a PDO Threads Facelift Right For?

Both men and women who are bothered by small amounts of excess skin or loose, sagging skin may be good candidates for a PDO Threads treatment. Because it is minimally invasive and tends to have only limited discomfort, most people actually enjoy the experience, especially when they have the procedure performed in Miami’s most elegant med spa, Seduction Med Spa.

If you are starting to notice slight droopiness in the neck, jowls, cheeks or brow, then you may be the perfect candidate for the lift effect that is offered by PDO Threads. Similarly, if you had a surgical facelift or neck lift in the past and you are now beginning to see some sagging, then PDO Threads may be for you.

What Is the PDO Thread Lift Like?

The treatment area first is numbed with local and topical anesthetic before it is marked. The practitioner next inserts the threads in precisely chosen locations with a small hypodermic needle. Accordingly, it is possible to lift and support sagging portions of the facial and neck structure without the need to remove skin. The PDO Thread grasps the drooping skin and the soft tissue beneath to reposition it.

Once the lift effect is secured, the needle is removed, and sutures will be applied, if necessary. The PDO suture is left beneath the skin.

What Is Recovery Like?

Most patients experience some mild pain in the days after a Thread Lift. These symptoms usually can be handled with an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Your doctor may prescribe a medication if your pain is not handled by the over-the-counter options. Mild swelling and bruising are relatively common side effects that will fade after a few days. Patients are advised to ice the treated areas and to apply arnica to help these symptoms subside.

How Long Do Nova Thread Results Last?

As long as the skin continues to produce more collagen, the results of your Nova Threads lift will continue to improve over the course of months. In fact, improvements frequently continue even months after the sutures have entirely dissolved. You can always choose to undergo another thread lift if you see that your skin is beginning to sag in the next year or two.

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Don’t let loose, sagging skin spoil your self-confidence or leave you feeling like you look much older than you feel. It isn’t necessary to undergo an invasive surgery to get a little lift.

Thanks to dissolvable PDO Threads, you can get the more youthful look that you are dreaming of without the surgery.


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