When it comes to health and fitness, you believe in giving it your best. You eat a sensible, nutritious diet and you exercise several times a week.

Despite this dedication, you may have noticed certain “trouble spots” on your body that just don’t seem to respond. It’s a source of enormous frustration when your abdomen, flanks, thighs, or another body part stays the same while the rest of your body transforms. Is there something you can do?

Evolve treatments at Miami’s Seduction Med Spa may be what you’re looking for. These non-invasive treatments sculpt your body so that you can achieve the figure of your dreams.

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What Is Evolve?

Evolve technology relies on radiofrequency, or RF, and electrical energy to stimulate the most stubborn fat on your body. Accordingly, Evolve works on adipose tissue, skin and cellulite to reshape your problem areas.

The Evolve machine is equipped with numerous hands-free applicators that are affixed to your body during a treatment. These applicators provide deep thermal heat into both the subcutaneous and sub-dermal layers, so that you can relax while your body is reshaped.

Three versions of Evolve treatments are available: Trim, Tite and Tone. Your health practitioner may recommend one or more of these treatments to achieve your desired results.

More About Evolve Trim

When you undergo Evolve Trim treatments, RF technology is used to reduce fat and cellulite in a non-invasive fashion. The applicators produce heat to the treatment area that causes lipolysis, commonly known as the permanent destruction of fat cells. Appropriate for use on the arms, back, flanks, thighs and abdomen, a series of Evolve Trim treatments helps you achieve a smoother, slimmer shape.

Evolve Trim is a safe, non-invasive alternative to liposuction. It targets stubborn deposits of fat while minimizing cellulite and contouring the body. As an FDA-cleared treatment that uses clinically proven modalities, you can rest assured that your Evolve Trim treatments are safe and effective.

For the reduction of fat and cellulite and skin tightening, Evolve Trim is a magnificent solution. It works through heating the targeted tissue and underlying fat, which causes these tissues to contract. Once the target temperature is attained, high-voltage energy pulses are sent to the area to destroy fat cells.

Collagen production is stimulated by the heat, which tightens the fibrous tissues and the skin. This reduces the appearance of cellulite. Negative vacuum pressure is delivered to the area to support body contouring and fat reduction.

As time passes, the destroyed fat cells are cleared through your body’s lymphatic system, a completely natural process. The results look natural, are long-lasting and will be noticed by everyone you know.

Introducing Evolve Tite

This Evolve treatment relies on advanced RF technology to shrink fat tissue that lurks below the surface. At the same time, the treatments tighten the skin covering these areas. This means that you don’t have to worry about loose skin. These treatments also are appropriate for minimizing cellulite to give you a smoother, more elegant look.

This non-invasive procedure is what you need if you want your skin to look tighter. However, you also get the benefit of tissue remodeling to give your shape better definition. During a session, RF energy is delivered to specific areas of concern. It travels to the skin’s sub-dermal layers to stimulate your regenerative response so that new collagen is produced.

Evolve Tite technology is FDA-approved and incorporates eight hands-free applicators that are arranged on the spots on your body that you want to treat.

Comfortable, quick and effective, Evolve Tite treatments can help you to achieve the smoother, younger-looking skin that you’ve been craving.

Get to Know Evolve Tone

Ask for a series of Evolve Tone treatments at Seduction Med Spa, and you’ll be delighted with your results. These treatments use the energy of electrical stimulation to produce involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions mean you’re building healthy muscle tone. Consider it a concentrated form of exercise that helps to fill your body with strength and vitality. The muscles of the arms, chest, calves, thighs, glutes, and abdomen may be targeted with Evolve Tone treatments.

Evolve Tone treatments are used to target those difficult-to-tone areas that are important to shape and strengthen. With no downtime involved and treatments lasting an average of 30 minutes, this is the perfect solution to a perplexing problem.

How Many Evolve Sessions Will I Need?

On average, six weekly treatments are needed to achieve the desired outcomes. Your med spa professional may recommend maintenance sessions every four months to keep your physique perfected. If you don’t achieve the results, you were hoping for in six sessions, it may be possible to continue. All you have to do is ask!

When Will I See Results?

This can vary a bit between patients. Some people who receive Evolve treatments see an immediate reduction in fat and cellulite with one treatment. However, a more gradual change is likely. This is because it can take several weeks for the body’s natural processes to eliminate any fat cells that are emulsified in the treatments.

If you are working toward tighter skin, then more time may be involved before you see noticeable improvements. The changes may be subtle at first, with results like smoother skin becoming increasingly apparent.

You also may notice that your results will continue to improve even after your last session is weeks or months behind you. This is because collagen production requires time as does expelling those destroyed fat cells.

Are Evolve Treatments Painful?

Most patients report that their experience with Evolve body sculpting actually is quite comfortable. The skin feels a comforting warmth, and patients may experience a gentle pulling sensation beneath the applicators. After treatment side effects, like minimal redness or bruising, tend to be minor and resolve quickly.

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