Have you heard about the non-surgical face lift? Called a PDO Thread Lift, this revolutionary technique is enabling people around the world to achieve a years’ younger look without undergoing the risks and complications of surgery.

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What Is the PDO Threads Procedure?

This minimally invasive approach offers natural results without surgery or pain. In fact, you could probably have it performed on your lunch hour. If you are concerned about sagging along your jawline and neck, then PDO Threads is the procedure that you’ve been looking for.

This non-surgical face lift technique has been around for more than a decade. Initially popular in Europe and Asia, the procedure has now become a common one in North America as well. This is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments that is available at Seduction Med Spa.

Nothing compares to this non-surgical method for lifting and tightening loose skin without surgery. This restores the natural V-shape of the face after gravity has taken its toll.

How Does the PDO Threads Procedure Work?

PDO is an acronym for polydioxanone. This medical-grade thread is even thinner than a single strand of hair, and it is made from pure protein. According to research, PDO works to relax tendons and muscles even as the body’s natural healing reaction to the insertion of the threads brings increased blood flow to the treatment area. This added blood flow stimulates the production of new collagen. At the same time, hyaluronic acid and elastin are stimulated, both of which occur naturally in the body and are necessary to youthful, firm skin.

What Happens During a PDO Threads Procedure?

This procedure involves the insertion of temporary sutures that give the skin a noticeable lift. Accordingly, instead of having loose skin surgically removed, the doctor suspends the skin by stitching it up. Outcomes from this procedure include lifting and tightening of the skin. However, the threads also stimulate the body’s own healing response, so patients will continue to see improvement in their appearance over time.

The provider makes a tiny entry in your skin so that the PDO Threads may be inserted by a cannula or needle. After insertion, the doctor “zips” up any sagging skin using the barbed threads. This has the effect of giving you an instant face lift.

Your doctor may insert multiple barbed threads on each side of your face depending upon the specific treatment areas that you have selected. However, you also may elect to have smooth threads instead of barbed threads. Smooth threads may be ideal if you want to target fine lines and wrinkles or replace collagen that has been lost over the years.

Patients frequently are given lidocaine before the procedure begins so they can rest assured that their discomfort will be minimal. Within approximately 30 minutes to one hour, your PDO Threads face lift will be complete.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Most patients experience between 12 and 18 months of improvement in their appearance. It is around this time that the PDO Threads naturally dissolve and are absorbed into the body. The results of the non-surgical face lift will begin to fade after this, but patients are free to return for another PDO Threads treatment once the threads have fully dissolved.

When Will I See Results?

Most patients see immediate results after their PDO Threads procedure. However, because this non-invasive face lift stimulates the production of substances like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, you can expect to see continued improvement in your appearance for two to three months after the procedure.

Does the PDO Threads Procedure Hurt?

Frequently, a local anesthetic is used to make the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. It is possible that the patient will experience some pain and discomfort as the anesthetic wears off. However, most people are able to return to their usual activities immediately after the procedure. Some patients may have a slight degree of swelling, pin prick marks and some redness, but these typically resolve within days or a couple of weeks of the procedure.

Why Have a Thread Lift Instead of a Face Lift?

Many people elect to have PDO Threads instead of a face lift because there is minimal recovery time involved. Moreover, no heavy sedation is required with this non-invasive face lift. Most surgical face lift patients further require around-the-clock care for about three days after the procedure. With PDO Threads, no such measures are required.

Because it is non-invasive, having a thread lift is a low-risk procedure. Severe bruising, scarring, bleeding or other complications are rare, and because it’s not surgery, having the PDO Threads procedure is far more affordable.

Are You Ready for PDO Threads?

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